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Care Home Training

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Are you interested in training for your team?

A nurse helping an old man to walk across a grass lawn
We can help with your mandatory training requirements

What training can we provide?

Here is an example of the courses we can provide.

Please get in touch if there is anything else you're looking for ...

Moving & Handling (Safe People Moving)

Half Day (4 Hours)

The aim of this course is to understand the theory and practice of safe moving and handling for both loads and people. This course consists of approximately 2.5 hours theory followed by 1.5 hours practical. Syllabus •To identify relevant legislation and guidelines relating to safe moving and handling •To apply the core principles and practice of safe moving and handling to both object handling and to the moving and handling of individuals •To consider the risk assessment of manual handling tasks and develop an awareness of the legislative requirement for assessments, including the identification of hazards within this process •To identify measures to reduce the risks of injury to all workers and to understand the importance of ergonomic solutions

Food Safety

Half Day (4 Hours)

The aims of this course are to: •Understand the importance of handling food safely •Recognise potential hazards that can affect the safety of food •Identify the main signs and symptoms of food poisoning •List conditions necessary for the growth of bacteria •Identify high risk foods •State the main sources of bacterial contamination •Recognise the importance of personal hygiene •Understand their personal legal responsibilities as food handlers •Demonstrate how to effectively remove bacteria from your hands •State the correct temperatures for storing & serving food •Carry out a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point assessment •Discuss the reasons for having cleaning schedules

Dementia Awareness

Half Day (4 Hours)

In this course we will cover: •The risk factors of acquiring dementia •Differentiate the different kinds of dementia •Describe the common signs & symptoms of dementia •Identify the causes of reversible dementia •List the medical treatments •Describe the non-medical interventions for people with dementia

Medication Management

Half Day (4 Hours)

This course will: - Help you to meet the learning outcomes in the Knowledge Set for Medication - Give an awareness of the legislation & guidance that controls the; prescribing, dispensing, storage, administration & disposal of medicines - Give an understanding of the roles, responsibilities & boundaries of those involved in the safe management of medicines - State the commonly used groups of medicines & their effects - Inform of how to identify common side-effects and interactions

Bereavement & Grief

Half Day (4 Hours)

In this course we will cover:

  • What is ‘bereavement’ & ‘grief’?

  • Beliefs held about ‘death’ and ‘dying’

  • The process of dying

  • Stages of grief & ‘complicated grief’

  • Depression related to grief and bereavement

  • How to help others after bereavement & grief

  • Support organisations and signposting

  • Acceptance, surrender and ‘letting go’

  • Understanding our own boundaries in helping others

Are courses online or in-person? We run courses both online and in-person. Please get in touch and we can discuss your specific team requirements.

How do I book or find out more? To book or have a no-obligation conversation, please get in touch today at or call 07470 111303

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