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About Whitaker Training

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Welcome to Whitaker Training, a training company focussed on delivering fantastic courses to British businesses.

Founded by George Whitaker in 2020 in Swansea, we now work with businesses all over the UK.

Throughout his life George has had an interest in Psychology and the way the mind works.

This led him to studying a degree in Psychology at the University of Reading. Following this, he travelled to many parts of the world including South-East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and South America. During his travels, the mindsets, cultures and resilience of people around the world amazed and enthused him to strive to continually develop himself and those around him.

George went on to gain experience volunteering with the Samaritans and also runs a hypnotherapy practice in Swansea, specialising in anxiety reduction (

Here at Whitaker Training, our aim is to provide high-quality training to businesses throughout the UK. As well as Mental Health First Aid courses, we create bespoke mental health courses for businesses which are perfectly tailored to their organisational requirements.

To find out how we can help look after your team’s mental health, click the button below to book a free training consultation for your business.

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