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The Benefits of Mental Health Training

There are many benefits to a business or organisation of creating a positive mental health culture.

These include:

- Reduced business costs

- Reduced absence & staff turnover

- Enhanced reputation

- Improved productivity, teamwork and morale

- Increased awareness of mental health

- The business being more attractive to new job talent

There are many pieces of legislation that should be addressed and complied with in order to avoid any legal action being taken against them (see button below).

Organisations should strive to create a positive, supportive mental health culture by proactively educating themseves and their employees wherever possible.

Whitaker Training can help your business to succeed in building a positive mental health culture. By doing so, you are taking proactive steps towards reducing legal claims (relating to mental health) being made against you.

Which Training is Right for Your Business?

Typically, every business should have at least a few mental health supervisors (See Level 3 Course).

As well as this, it is recommended that all employees have at least a basic-to-moderate knowledge of mental health conditions (See Level 1 & 2 Courses).

We also offer bespoke training, where we will create a tailor-made package specifically for your organisational dynamics and needs. This is suitable for all business types and is a great option for training a team or your whole workforce.

We're able to run any of our courses at your business premises - discounts are available if a room is provided on-site. We also offer group discounts.

We regularly run open training courses that individuals can attend - please click the links under the relevant course to see dates and to book your place. 

Support Group

FAA Level 1 Award in Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health

Half Day (4 Hours) - £75 per person

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FAA Level 2 Award in First Aid for

Mental Health

One Day (6 Hours) - £125 per person

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FAA Level 3 Award in Supervising First Aid for Mental Health

** Most Popular **

Two Days (12 Hours) - £185 per person

Basketball Practice

FAA Level 2 Award in First Aid for Youth Mental Health

One Day (6 Hours) - £125 per person

Soothing Bell

6 Week Mindfulness & Wellbeing Course

Online via Zoom

Image by NeONBRAND

Bespoke Business Training

** Most Popular for Teams (5+ employees)**

Brain Sketch

Other Courses

(Half Day - 4 Hours)

See the other courses we offer

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How to Build Mental Resilience / Building Mental Resilience

E-course - Complete at your own pace

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