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Manual Handling Training

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Are you interested in Manual Handling training for your team?

A man and woman moving house carrying cardboard boxes down some steps
Proper manual handling is very important to maintain safety at work

What does Manual Handling training consist of?

There is 1 Ofqual-regulated level:

Level 2 Award in Manual Handling Course – Principles and Practice

One Day (7 Hours) We are all exposed at times to some form of manual handling such as lifting, carrying, pulling and pushing actions that can be compounded by simultaneous movements such as climbing or pivoting. Personal injuries resulting from incorrect manual handling in the workplace accounts for over one million working days lost per year, as well as the pain and suffering experienced by the casualties. Correct manual handling techniques can make a huge difference. The risks arising from manual handling have been recognised by the Health and Safety Executive for many years, as evidenced in their regulations and advisory activities promoting good practice. The Regulations require employers to provide their employees with health and safety information and training – supplemented, as necessary, with more specific information and training on manual handling injury risks and prevention. This course provides an ideal approach to safer and more effective manual handling – not only meeting HSE recommendations, but also promoting good and safe practices in any situation. Syllabus A range of subjects are covered that will equip delegates to:

  • Understand the reasons for safe manual handling

  • Understand how manual handling risk assessments contribute to improving health and safety

  • Understand the principles, types of equipment and testing requirements associated with manual handling safety

  • Be able to apply safe manual handling principles

Is everything included? Yes, all resources, handbooks and certification are included.

Is it a regulated qualification? Yes, all levels are Ofqual-regulated.

Are courses online or in-person? We run courses both online and in-person. Please get in touch and we can discuss your specific team requirements.

How do I book or find out more? To book or have a no-obligation conversation, please get in touch today at or call 07470 111303

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