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Food Safety Training

Are you interested in Food Safety training for your team?

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By law, food business operators must ensure that food handlers receive the appropriate supervision and training in food hygiene, which is in-line with the area they work in and will enable them to handle food in the safest way.

What does Food Safety training consist of?


One Day (7 Hours)

The qualification is aimed at learners working in the catering industry and other food handlers and can also be used as an introduction for a learner wishing to gain higher levels of training in this area.

The learner will gain knowledge and understanding of the key issues in food safety required to safeguard the health of consumers.

The areas covered are considered vital by the Food Standards Agency to maintain food safety and hygiene.


The learner will:

  • Understand how individuals can take personal responsibility for food safety

  • Understanding the importance of keeping him/herself clean and hygienic

  • Understand the importance of keeping the work areas clean and hygienic

  • Understand the importance of keeping food safe

Is everything included?

Yes, all resources, handbooks and certification are included.

Is it a regulated qualification?

Yes, this course is Ofqual-regulated.

Are courses online or in-person?

We run courses both online and in-person. Please get in touch and we can discuss your specific team requirements.

How do I book or find out more?

To book or have a no-obligation conversation, please get in touch today at or call 07470 111303

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